CPDMS.net Hot Key Guide

The CPDMS.net web site has been designed to keep the use of the mouse at a minimum. Data entry for all patient data can be completed without using the mouse at all. This document describes how to navigate CPDMS.net data entry using keyboard shortcuts.

Browser Support

At this time, CPDMS.net is supported only on Internet Explorer 6 and above. The keybord shortcuts work best with IE 6.

About Keyboard Short Cuts

The keyboard shortcuts are enabled when any one element on the page has focus. (i.e. a data entry field, a button or the background page is activated.) When none of the elements have focus, press Tab on the keyboard to change focus to the page or any of its elements.

Guidelines for Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

Main Menu and Data Entry Menu

Press and hold Alt, then [Hot Key] to select a Menu option or a sub-Menu. Hot Keys are always highlighted in red. Once a sub-Menu is selected, you can press a Hot Key (without holding Alt) to select the sub-Menu option. Press Enter to choose a selected Menu or sub-Menu option. Press Esc to return to the previous Menu or sub-Menu.

You can also use the left and right arrow keys on the top level and up and down arrow keys at the subsequent levels.

Data Entry Screens

Once in data entry, use the following keys to navigate data entry fields and pages.

Key(s) Function
Alt + Hot Key Browse between pages
Esc Cancel without saving
F4 View a choice list for the selected data field (if available)
F7 Go to the previous page
F8 Go to the next page
F9 View case affiliations if you are at the case level
F10 Save the record


Main Menu Navigation

Data Entry Navigation