is a service provided by the Kentucky Cancer Registry at the University of Kentucky. It is an interactive web site that provides access to cancer incidence and mortality data that is aggregated by state, county, and larger geographical regions of choice. It provides public access to data that answers the most frequently asked questions of state registries regarding cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Annual contracts are offered to state registries to process and host cancer incidence and cancer mortality data for one year. KCR is a non-profit organization. Revenues from annual contracts are used to support the staff required to develop and maintain the applications. As the number of clients increase, the cost of annual contracts can be reduced for all clients.

For a price quote please complete the Questionnaire below and return to the Kentucky Cancer Registry. A sample contract is also provided. For further information please contact Eric Durbin, (859) 218-3182.

Current Clients

Current Features

Planned Features

File Layout Specifications

Record level data is request in the following layouts:

Cancer Incidence Data*
Field Length Begin Column End Column Description
SEER Site Group 5 1 5 SEER Recode (may be blank)
ICD-O Version 1 6 6 ICD-O-3 Only (ICD-O-2 retired)
Primary Site 4 7 10 ICD-O-3
Histologic Type 4 11 14 ICD-O-3
Behavior Code 11 15 15 ICD-O-3
Data of Diagnosis 8 16 23 YYYYMMDD
County at Dx 5 24 28 County of Residence FIPS Code (including state code)
Age at Diagnosis (Years) 3 29 31 Age at Diagnosis; numeric, right justified, zero filled;
Sex 1 32 32 NAACCR Sex
Race 1 2 33 34 NAACCR Race
Spanish/Hisp Origin 1 35 35 NAACCR Hispanic Identification Algorithm (0 = non-Hispanic, 1-9 = Hispanic) (may be blank)
Derived SS2000 1 36 36 NAACCR Derived SEER Summary Stage 2000 (non-blank values only for 2004+ cases)

*NOTE 1: All data elements defined by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)

Cancer Mortality Data
Field Length Begin Column End Column Description
Year of Death 4 1 4 Year of death; YYYY
County of Residence at Death 5 5 9 County FIPS Code; (including state code)
Cause of Death 4 10 13 ICD9 or ICD10 Code (may be mixed)
Age at Death (Years) 3 14 16 Age at Death; numeric, zero-filled
Sex 1 17 17 Sex: NAACCR Definition
Race 2 18 19 Race 1: NAACCR Definition
Spanish/Hisp Origin 1 20 20 NAACCR Hispanic Identification Algorithm (0 = non-Hispanic, 1-9 = Hispanic) (may be blank)

Each record should be terminated by a carriage return or carriage return and linefeed.

Specification of Data Suppression Thresholds

Clients must specify the following data suppression thresholds:

  1. Minimal case count for display.
  2. Minimal case count for marking age-adjusted rates as unreliable.
  3. Minimal case count for age-specific display.
  4. Minimal risk population for suppression of race-specific regions.

File Naming Convention

Please name files as follows (all lowercase, no spaces): state abbreviation, underscore, "incidence" or "mortality", StartYear (YY), EndYear (YY), ".txt"

For example: