CPDMS.NET client certificates and Windows user accounts

If for security purposes you are planning on reducing an end user's permissions profile from Administrator to a limited user, you must first uninstall the CPDMS.NET client certificate before any Windows account changes.

You may uninstall a certificate while logged in as the current user:

  1. Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates
  2. Click on Personal and select the client cert issued by CPDMS.NET CA
  3. Click Remove -> Answer Yes -> click Close -> click OK
  1. Firefox -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> View Certificates
  2. Click on Your Certificates and select the client cert with Certificate Name MCCP
  3. Click Delete -> Click OK

After this step, you can change the user's Windows permission settings and then log back in as the user and re-install the client certificate. For client certificate installation instructions:

For Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox ESR please click here.

Failure to perform the above will lead to a user not being able to log in to CPDMS.NET. Unfortunately, the browser is not specific. It simply says that the page can not be displayed.